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The clear-clear fruit or Suki Suki no mi, is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that gives its user the ability to turn themselves and others invisible.


The fruit appears see-through, with blue hue, and a pear shape.


  • (E) Self Invisibility - Make yourself invisible for approximately 20 seconds
  • (R) Area Invisibility - Make yourself and those around you invisible for as long as you hold "R" or have Stamina
  • (Z) Invisible Rock Throw - Throw an invisible rock. Consumes 27 stamina when used.
Pros & Cons
Pros Cons
You're invisible to NPCs & Players Ken haki users can see you as well as some bosses
NPCs won't aggro to you while attacking them Constant stamina drain
Easy to obtain Bad damage scaling
Can assist allies No mobility moves


  • This fruit is the most common fruit in the game, along with being the only common fruit.
  • It is often considered the weakest fruit in the game due to its low damage and lack of mobility.
  • No matter what you do the damage is abysmal, and it has one move that does damage.
  • The main function of the fruit is to turn yourself invisible yet other can see you with Ken Haki, making its primary function useless.
  • It can be used by melee combat users it can allow you to sneak up on enemies and players without Haki.