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Shells town[]

Shell's Town is a large populated island occupied by designated Captain Axe Hand Logan's corrupt Marine base. It is located dead-center on the map and contains the only Barrel vender in the game.

The island itself features lots of trees making it a great place to farm wood planks for ship repair. However due to its central map location and sole barrel vender, it attracts lots of server attention. It is well-known as one of the most hostile PVP islands in the game.


Corrupt Marine Quest

XP: 415

Money: 300

An Individual Marine gives 30 XP and 25 Peli.

Shells Bandit Quest

XP: 440

Money: 390

A Individual Shells Bandit gives 30 XP and 30 Peli.

Defeat Axe Hand Logan Quest

XP: ~2000

Money: ?


Axe Hand Logan is a difficult and rather annoying boss. Surrounding him are weak NPCs called chore boys which can either have a rifle or fight barehand. If all chore boys are defeated, logan can again call them whenever he wants. One strategy to defeat him is to keep only 1 chore boy alive(preferably a rifle one) and then fight logan.

Logan's moves-

  1. He uses a spinning rush attack(cancellable and blockable) 2. A type of mid ranged forward slam move(guard breaks) Best to have atleast 1 other person with you during this 3. He calls 4-5 chore boys around him to attack the enemy