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Rokushiki is a fighting style taught by Lifa. This is a fighting style you should get if you have a good devil fruit. It has good utility moves (soru, geppo and tekkai) but it deals low damage. Soru and Geppo can be used for avoiding attacks and Tekkai can be used to block attacks. However, for dealing damage to the opponent, it is recommended you have something else like a good devil fruit

Pros Cons
Good utility moves(Soru, Geppo, Tekkai) Only 3 damaging moves that are hard to hit
Good for avoiding attacks and/or blocking high damage

dealing attacks with tekkai

Bad for grinding
Good fighting style if used as a support Not good as a main source of damage
Tekkai blocks unblockable attacks (such as Enel's ultimate) Quite low damage
Hotkey Move Description Drainage Mastery Cost
E Shigan Close-quarter combat technique, in which the user pushes their finger into a certain target at a very high speed. 15 1 0 Peli
Q Soru Allows the user to move at extremely high speeds in order to avoid attacks. 15 5 1250 Peli
R Tekkai User hardens their muscles to the level of iron, in order to nullify damage taken from attacks. 20 initial, 2 per tick 15 1500 Peli
x2 Space Geppo Allows the user to jump off the air itself, allowing them to stay in the air for much longer than usual. 10 20 1750 Peli
Z Rankyaku A powerful projectile technique, in which the user starts by kicking at a very high speed and strength, sending out a sharp compressed air blade that can slice objects and greatly damage a human body. 20 25 2000 Peli
X Rokuogan User teleports a short distance to where their cursor is pointing, launching a devastating shock wave from their fists at anyone caught in it. 150 95 9000 Peli


  • Rankakyu is a typo, as the correct spelling of it is actually Rankyaku.
  • You need to climb the tower obstacle to get to Lifa.