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A town oversiezed by clowns

Orange Town is a remote island occupied by the Clown Pirates led by Star Clown, a formidable pirate captain who ate the Chop-Chop fruit. As such, he is unable to be cut with swords, even if they are coated in Busoshoku Haki.

The many ranged Clown Pirates surrounding Star Clown makes him incredibly difficult to approach, and unlike Axe Hand Logan's Corrupt Marines they wield Bazookas making it easy to get stun-locked if you're fighting alone.


Star Clown Quest

XP: (?)

Money: (?)

Each Star Clown grants (?) XP and (?) Peli.

Each Clown Pirate grants 45 XP and 65 Peli.

Total: 1400 XP, 700 Peli