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Gura-Gura no Mi, also called the Quake Quake Fruit, is fearsomely reputed to be the worst fruit in the game.

The fruit was also voted #2 on a Discord Demon Fruit poll between itself, Phoenix, and Gravity.

There should NOT be any trading influences, this is for stats, knowing the moves, not trading wiki.

Move Set[]

  • Due to the fact that Gura has high stamina cost for all moves, putting most of your stat points into Devil Fruit Mastery and Stamina is a great choice for a Gura based stat build. Your main damage should come from the Shock Punch and Blast Clutcher. When you hit an Sea Quake and stun the opponent, an easy combo is to Head Crusher, then Blast Clutcher, which added up with the waves deals around 600-700 damage in Arena mode.
Gura Gura no Mi Moveset (in order of unlock)
Move Description Mastery
(E) Shock Punch You punch the air in front of you sending a extremely powerful ball of air to rush at your opponents, devastating them. This move breaks block, however it does knockback. 20
(Z) Head Crusher You grab your opponent with a windup and slam them towards the ground, then proceed to hit them with a punch infused with Gura energy

and then two kicks infused with Gura energy afterwards on the head. It bypasses block, meaning it doesn't break block, but it goes through block.

(R) Come at me! You counter the enemy's move teleporting behind them and damaging them. (Block Breaker) 65
(X) Blast Clutcher You slam the ground around you, causing a very great deal of AOE damage. This move charged up can deal massive damage. Captain Zhen or Whitebeard uses this move sometimes, and charges it up for a massive amount of time, basically one-shotting someone and can even hit people high in the air. 80
(C) Sea Quake You punch the air around you with extreme power, sending tremors towards the sea which causes two massive tidal waves to form from each of your sides. This move when used does a short stun, and that bypasses block. The waves however block break the opponent. 115

(All moves except Sea Quake and Head Crusher block breaks, while Sea Quake and Head Crusher bypasses block.


Massive AOE

  • Buffs Bisento shockwave slash to 3 slashes instead of 1. (Damage is still the same for one slash. If you hit two, it deals double damage and three it deals triple.)
  • Moves have decently short cooldowns.
  • Extremely good for PVP due to the fact that all moves have high damage, and because it has a counter.
  • ALL MOVES ARE unblockable and Shock Punch deals extremely high knockback letting you blow opponents away if they get too close. All abilities besides Counter can be held, keeping the offensive active as long as stamina allows.
  • High Damaging Abilities
  • Shock Punch is basically free damage if it hits the enemy and you can aim.
  • Blast Clutcher can One-Shot or do insane damage if charged up for a while.
  • Sea Quake stun true combos into head crusher


  • Sea Quake (C) has a long casting time.
  • Not the best fruit for farming.
  • Tsunami or Sea Quake's stun when used at first works everywhere, however the waves will not affect some place too high, or some place too low. Such as in Sky Islands, if you use it, the stun will happen, but the waves will spawn at the sea, which won't hit the target.
  • No mobility moves at all(the counter teleport you, but it really doesn't count since you cannot use it by yourself).