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Fishman Karate is a Fighting Style which controls water and uses it in combat. It's very good for combos and has good damage output.



Requirements Are Having Fishman Race, 75 Shark Teeth and 30,000 Peli


Fishman Karate
Hotkey Move Description Drainage Mastery Cost Note
E Five Thousand Brick Fists 25 Stamina 0 Mastery 0 Peli When hit, sends the player or npc backwards for a long distance. This also breaks blocks and gives an additional dash boost when used. Unlike all the other moves, this move scales with strength instead of fishman karate mastery.
R Water Prison 35 Stamina 25 Mastery 2,000 Peli Creates an area of water that traps and deals great tick damage to anything that is within it. This move has a range cap and oftenly glitches if you're not aiming exactly on the ground. Also, Water Prison now does a small knockback when the bubble pops so it's much harder to combo with it.
Z Shark Barrage Release a string of shark-sharp projectiles that rupture on impact. 45 initial stamina, 5 stamina per tick. 50 Mastery 4,000 Peli Sends volleys of shark like substances from your fists dealing very good damage. This is basically Magu rain but the projectiles are slower and does no knockback. (If you use this underwater the sharks just drop immediately lol)
X Water Serpent 50 Stamina 75 Mastery 6,000 Peli Summons a water serpent from the ground in front of you which follows your cursor. If it doesn't hit anything after 5 seconds, the serpent will explode on its own. This move will not work if the user is not facing the ground, it will just eat your stamina.
C Water Bomb User summons a barrier and propells it foward, damaging targets. 150 Stamina 125 Mastery 12,000 Peli Creates a Massive water blob which you can send forwards dealing massive AOE damage just like Mera's Sun. You can charge this move for a bigger aoe (area of effect) but it does not increase damage. This move is insanely broken in pvp because it can be used to break blocks while dealing huge damage, however it can only be used on the ground and if used in the air it will just waste your stamina.
Pros Cons
Very good combo potential Requires Fishman race, which is very luck dependant
Said to be the only fighting style to actually compete with a Devil Fruit's power.
Good for both PvP and farming
Good ultimate that deals a lot of damage