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Mink Combat also known as Electro Combat, Electro Fighting Style, and many other names.

Note Mink Combats's attacks all scale off of electro mastery and will have no change in damage with strength points

Mink Combat will have a chance to add lightning to your strikes, stunning your opponents temporarily. The stun effect gives you a few extra frames to activate another skill for high-damage combos. Unfortunately, Mink Combat is held back by the fact that it lacks a form of Geppo/Sky Walk, so that is a bit of a drawback to it. It is also exclusive to people with Mink as their race, so only they can make proper use of it.

You can unlock the full potential of electro by going to Zou Island. Sharon (The NPC) teaches you electro and its moves. You need 15k peli and 25 carrots (Dropped by Zou Inhabitants) to learn Electro.

Unlocking Mink Combat will add a 'Electro Mastery' stat to your stats. Being a Mink is required to get this fighting style. After obtaining Mink Combat you have to talk to the NPC Sharon to obtain each skill. The first skill you obtain is free.


Hotkey Move Description Drainage Mastery Cost
E Electro Fist Electrifies your fists for ten seconds which increases your damage and makes your normal attacks always electrify your target, this can be stacked up with haki for insane damages. 20 Stamina 0 Mastery 0 Peli
R Electro Dash It a chargeable dash attack that deals low damage. Charging it increases the dash distance. 20 Stamina 15 Mastery 750 Peli
Z Electro Luna A not chargeable attack which makes the user throw their hands outwards then hit the ground which unleashes lightning from the ground, doing decent damages in a medium range. 30 Stamina 25 Mastery 1,250 Peli
X Electro Rain The user jumps into the sky and throws multiple lightning strikes below in front of them, throwing around 5-7 lightings, dealing medium damage and high range. 45 Stamina 40 Mastery 3,000 Peli
C Raiju Punishment The user jumps in the air while spinning and instantly hits the ground causing a AOE attack with massive damage that knocks targets far away and makes them take fall damage, this move however cost 65 stamina and is a close range move. 65 Stamina 95 Mastery 9,999 Peli
Pros Cons
Okay damage Need mink race to be able to buy
Okay stun Terrible range
Okay for grinding No geppo/sky walk
Okay combos Only block break is the ultimate



  • Electro Dash is best used against a wall
  • Electro Rain can hit more than once if landed right.