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Demon Step, also referred to as Ifrit Jambe, is a fighting style that uses your super-heated legs for combat to deal high damage and set your enemies aflame. It can be bought at Coco Island for 50,000 Peli and a Scorched Heart , which will be automatically obtained in your inventory once you have received 1000 burn damage by any source. You will also need 125 Black Leg Mastery to be trained by Puff, along with 150 Black Leg Mastery to obtain all attacks.

You need 94,851 Peli to unlock all moves (including Black Leg moves)

It is a transformation of the Black Leg fighting style and its moves can only be unlocked after buying the transformation.

Hotkey Move Description Drainage Mastery Cost
x2 Space Sky Walk (Geppo) Allows the user to jump off the air itself, allowing them to stay in the air for much longer than usual. Very good for mobility. 10 20 Mastery 750 Peli
N Demon Step Transformation The user enshrouds their feet in violent flames whose intensity will scorch even the toughest of foes. This technique also augments the abilities of other Black Leg skills, allowing you to use an entirely different moveset. % 125 Mastery 50,000 Peli + Scorched Heart
E Demon Spectrum A barrage of instantaneous kicks performed solely with the user's flaming right leg, which reach high temperatures causing intense bands of colors. This will make you rise up into the air a little bit. This move can be blocked. 35 75 Mastery 0 Peli
R Demon Flash Teleport and strike your opponent from behind. This move can be blocked. 40 85 Mastery 3,000 Peli
Z Demon Blitz Rise in the air and shoot intense balls of flame wherever your cursor aims. They shoot fairly fast and has a maximum of 9 shots. Cooldown applies after move ends, even if you only shoot once. 45 90 Mastery 5,000 Peli
X Demon Axe Drop Shower a set area with torrents of fiery kicks before performing a drop-kick, which you create a big AoE. The kicks can be blocked, however the drop-kick explosion cannot. 75 130 Mastery 8,000 Peli
C Demonic Sky Driller Perform a teleporting side-snap that sends the target flying amidst a blazing vortex. This move is unblockable, and can be used as a "GET OFF ME" move, however it does take a decent chunk of your stamina. 125 150 Mastery 12,000 Peli
Pros Cons
Very good damage. Drains up a LOT of stamina.
Has a diverse set of moves. You cannot regen stamina in your Demon Leg form.
All moves apply burn damage over time. Demon Flash is very hard to hit; you have to be very close to them.
Exceeds in farming/grinding. When switching from Black Leg to Demon Leg, you do a small animation in which you do not have i-frames, allowing enemies to start combos. Although, you do get hyperarmor.
Moves allow for combos to be extended extremely long.
Very expensive when compared to other fighting styles, but high-level players should have no problem getting 100k Peli.


  • This is often considered to be the strongest fighting style in the game as of currently, but might lose it's place as other fighting styles get added.
  • You need all the moves of Black Leg to learn it.


  • To do Demon Flash, do the M1 smite combo (hold space and hit) and when you kick them in the air, press R for Demon Flash. It works better than just using on its own. Make sure to do it fast.