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Black Leg is a fighting style where you use your legs to attack. It is good for low levels to use and is also good for ship farming since you will have aerial movements.

This fighting style can be turned into Demon Step, which can be bought at Coco Island.

Black Leg
Hotkey Move Description Drainage Mastery Cost
Space x2 Sky Walk Allows the users to actually jump off the air itself, allowing them to stay in the air for much longer than usual. 10 Stamina 20 Mastery 750 Peli
E B-Shot User lands on their hands underneath an opponent's chin, then uses both hands to spring upwards to deliver a blow to the opponent's chin with both feet. 10 Stamina 1 Mastery 1 Peli
R Collier A kick to the neck which the user does whilst still on the ground. 15 Stamina 10 Mastery 500 Peli
Z Concasser User accelerates through the air while rotating at incredible speeds to generate a crushing blow upon impact. 25 initial stamina, 2 stamina per tick, stops at 15 ticks 25 Mastery 1,800 Peli
X Party Table Kick Course The user flips upside down and rotates their legs at high speeds to generate a small vortex capable of dealing spontaneous damage. 15 initial stamina, 2 stamina per tick 30 Mastery 1,800 Peli
C Anti-Manner Kick Course The user delivers a swift strike from below that stuns and launches enemies skyward. Despite its simplicity, this technique packs enough force to be the most powerful basic Black Leg skill. 30 Stamina 55 Mastery 3,000 Peli
N Demon Step Transformation The user enshrouds their feet in violent flames whose intensity will scorch even the toughest of foes. This technique also augments the abilities of other Black Leg skills. No initial drainage, but 2 stamina per half second 125 Mastery 50,000 Peli + Scorched Heart
Pros Cons
Very good combo potential Doesn't have any ranged moves :(
Eats up very little Stamina Has a smaller range on M1s than other fighting styles
Great utility moves (Concasser & sky Walk) Attacks can be easily intercepted while activating. This is because Black Leg doesn't have any frames or super armor startups.
Deals a lot of damage if used right Weak dashing without pika, bomu, or goro
Can Dash while blocking