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The Bari-Bari no Mi (Barrier-Barrier Fruit) is a Paramecia-type Demon Fruit that gives its eater the ability to generate and manipulate unbreakable barriers making them a Devil Fruit user.

Move Set[]

Bari-Bari Moves (In Order of Unlock)
Keybind Move Name Description Mastery Stamina Showcase
E Barrier Crash Form a rectangular barrier in front of you that blocks all incoming attacks. Click to launch it forwards, smashing anything in its way. Its base size increases with more skill points in Devil Fruit. 0 15
R Barrier Sphere Form a circular sphere at the mouse point as long as you hold down the mouse. Drains stamina as it is used. Its base size increases with more skill points in Devil Fruit. 10 25 to create a ball and then 5/sec to hold that ball
Z Barrier Stairs Form a set of barrier stairs in front of yourself. Its duration and length increase with more skill points in Devil Fruit. 15 15 to create stairs and then 2/0.25sec to hold that stairs
X Barrier Cage Form a cup-shaped barrier above before smashing it into the ground, trapping enemies inside. The longer you hold it the bigger it will be. Its max size increases with more skill points in Devil Fruit. 35 30
C Barrier Spikes Form a large line of barrier spikes that are launched at the mouse pointer. Its base size increases with more skill points in Devil Fruit. 55 55


  • Only defensive Devil Fruit in the game
  • Summoned barriers reflect all projectiles (perpendicularly from where they made contact with the barrier)
  • Most abilities can be held, keeping the barrier active as long as stamina allows
  • Barriers increase in size with a higher Devil Fruit stat


  • Barrier Sphere is very stamina intensive while held, and you cannot regenerate stamina while holding it.
  • Struggles to combat far off opponents
  • Not good for grinding (Only have three moves deal damage)
  • Reflected projectiles can only damage NPC's or players that aren't the ones that shot the reflected attack (for some reason)
  • Barriers are unaffected by Haki
  • Low damaging abilities

Current Problems

  • Barrier Crash phases through NPC's and Players after attacking with it if they are somewhat close to the Barrier. NPC's and Players still get pushed by Barrier Crash, but only fast enough to where the wall phases through them, then they hit their back against the wall you just pushed away, completely removing the point of a making a wall between you and your opponent. Opponents jumping with Geppo just don't get pushed at all, the wall just goes through them. If the enemy isn't walking, running, standing still or falling, they wont get pushed. Attacks that lock you in place while charging dont get canceled when hit by Barrier Crash, as well as not being pushed due to being locked in place. Those kinds of attacks allow you to invalidate Barrier Crash then get a free hit since the Barrier user is stuck in an animation. (Mainly Problems with Players/Arena Mode. NPC's also have problems but they seem inconsistent so its hard to tell what's wrong with them). Attacks such as the Flash Freeze and Magma Eruption ignore Barriers. (You need to be on the ground for these attacks to work. More attacks that require ground could possibly ignore Barriers as well).
  • Barrier Cage is used to trap opponents, but sometimes when landed. opponents completely covered in the cage will just fly out like being hit by a normal attack. Also moves like Flame Flight, can just escape it. Its initial jump clips through the cage. Barriers kit relies too much on the Cage, the entire game plan is getting an opponent in that cage so you can deal damage somewhat safely.
  • Barrier Stairs is useless. Its not that good for gaining height, and disappears way to fast to even fully make it up the stairs at higher Devil Fruit stats.
  • Barrier Spheres Collision comes out way too late to be a reliable shield (same goes for Barrier Crash), as well as the bubble becoming bigger with a higher Devil Fruit stat, making it so you have even less time to react to non-instant attacks due to the Barrier being created closer to your opponent, and farther from you.
  • Barriers can sometimes be teleported/clipped through, (mainly Barrier Cage).
  • Barriers are very obstructive to allies, especially when farming bosses, blocking friendly attacks as well as potentially trapping allies in a cage or bubble with a boss, causing some players to get hit by the boss.
  • (In Arena). Barriers only Guard Break is very unreliable, Barrier Cage is very hard to land when your opponent isn't in a stun, and even when your opponent is blocking, its very hard to land because of the amount of time it takes to hit the ground after conjuration. They could've already ran from where you were going to aim the Cage. Barriers other Guard Break is Barrier Spikes, but that's an ultimate (and not a very good one at that). Paired with Fighting Styles that also don't have good or reliable Guard Breaks (if one at all), such as 1SS and Electro) Getting past blocking is very hard against a competent player.
  • When using Barrier Crash, half of the Barrier is in the ground. Why?
  • Barrier Spikes should not be considered and Ultimate in the Arena, its damage isn't good enough to stand up with Dai Enkai and the other powerful Ultimate's. Because of this, Barrier only has two not so reliable moves to deal a miniscule amount of damage with.
  • The lack of custom key binds makes it harder to use Barriers as a defensive ability, having to switch to Barrier than using an ability to try and block an incoming attack doesn't seem worth it compared to just blocking or dodging the attack.
  • If you have Observation Haki active and you get hit by Barrier Crash, not matter what part of the Barrier you where hit by, you will always dodge it, even in the dead center
  • (Maybe a problem) Barriers damage is incredibly low. At Devil Fruit stat 200, Barrier Crash does 55 Damage, Barrier Cage does 65 Damage, and Barrier Spikes does 39 damage for each spike that hits the target (I've never seen an opponent get hit by more than 2 spikes at a time).
  • For some reason, reflected projectiles cannot damage the NPC or Player that shot it. Reflected projectiles can damage Players and NPC's that didn't shoot the projectile (as stated in the Update 2 Patch Notes)
  • Sometimes when you die, all barriers will become nocollide. Dying after this won't help, you will have to rejoin. Sometimes this can leave you stranded on an island.

Barrier should have a counter like Gura, but instead of teleporting behind them, if the counter is triggered by a projectile it should reflect the projectile straight back at the attacker, and if its triggered by a melee attack, deals the melee attacks' damage back to the attacker along with some knockback

All these ideas are from someone who has no idea how to code, so I don't know if any of the problems can be fixed because of Roblox being a janky platform, but "Complaining about a problem with proposing a solution is called whining". (Someone removed all the potential solutions, it was over 700 words and idk how to revert the page so I will summarize) Bari need a complete rework, changing or fixing one problem will not fix the rest of the problems, Bari is ultimately flawed in its design as of right now.

(If there are any other problems that I missed please add them to the list, and a potential solution if you want to as well).

Here's hoping that Barrier in the future will feel like a solid choice for a Devil Fruit.

Update 3 Changes:

Bari is now worse than it was, Its two main ways to get opponents in Cage are now gone.

One was out of a the jump slam m1 combo. (after the 4th hit that brings them into the air, you then summon the cage where they would be landing, then when they are still in hitstun, hit them with the 5th attack making them fall right into the cage.)

The other setup was Candy Cane, Flash Freeze was nerfed by making it slower, making it so you cannot reliably land it after a normal m1 combo, removing a great setup for cage.

I have dropped Barrier because of this update, it was trash before this update but come on, its getting harder and harder to keep using Bari each update because it keeps getting shafted. If Barrier gets meaningful changes in update 4, ill go back and see how it differs


  • Visually, the fruit can be distinguished by its see-through material, blue hue, almost ice-like etchings, and pear shape.
  • This fruit was the first Uncommon rarity fruit in the entire game.
  • (Editor's note)This Fruit allows you to be a literal guardian angel when your playing with friends. Fighting bosses like Arlong will be way easier with a bari user, due to the fact that you can reflect those pesky Gatling gun barbs


  • Candy Sword's flash freeze is a great combo starter for bari due to it giving enough time for you to use a free bari cage.(harder than before now due to flash freeze nerf in update 3)
  • Although this may be annoying, when you are low or out of Haki, trapping somebody in your barrier sphere is a great idea in order for you to recover (recommended with accessories that grants you stamina regen buff)