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The Baratie is an on-the-waters ship-restaurant occupied by Don Krieg's Krieg Pirates. Here, players can meet Yome and spend 9,000 Peli to learn the Black Leg fighting style.

You can Sky Walk to this island from Orange town with 450 stamina.


Krieg Pirate Quest

Defeat 8 Krieg Pirates

XP: 350

Money: 150

Each Krieg Pirate gives 55 XP and 75 Peli.

Total: 790 XP, 750 Peli

There are three chests: one on the roof and two on the second floor.

Robo is on the third floor of the ship.

Easy Ways to Grind:

Fruitless: Wait beside a wall for an NPC to come towards you, then just attack from there with your fighting style.

Suke: Same

Bomu: Go in the kitchen on the second floor, then use self detonation. Then go outside and hide behind a wall, if you did it right there should be multiple NPC's.

Bari: Use barrier crash, you can occasionally hit barrier spikes if you line it up right.

Mero: Multiple moves work behind walls

Anything else: You're probably too high to be farming here, but your fruits strong so just use those moves behind a wall.