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Arlong is an extremely dificult boss that wields a Kiribachi, he spawns on Arlong Park in a special arena that the player can get to via a gate inside the massive building in the middle of the island. It is recommended that you (and your friends) are all level 100+

There is also a quite rewarding quest for killing him, although not easily farmable, good to take if you’re trying to get the Kiribachi.

Also note that like Star Clown, he has regen, although not as quick it is still quite noticeable

Moves - (Work In Progress, please add anything you notice during the fight)edit | edit source[]

Arlong spawn time is 9 minutes and 5% chance to get his sword named Kiribachi

  • Shark Teeth shooty gun - Whenever he laughs, the holes in the back of his arena will fire at the player(s), this is blockable. (easily does 40+ dps)
  • Shark Tooth jackhammer - He will take his sword and do a long drill like spin attack, is cancellable, this now is blockable. (does around 24-26 dps)
  • Sword fight - His sword does around 30 damage per hit.
  • shark back scratcher - Arlong poses and reaches behind him, he then raises his hand and throws 5-6 Barbs towards you, This is blockable, But if all barbs hit you, you will most likely get stunned due to block break. (6-8 dmg per barb)

Strategy's edit | edit source[]

  • (Requires at least 1 friend) You can have both players attacking him, whenever one dies, have them come back and continue the fight.
  • Having a large group just wham him with sheer force
  • Having a Logia and being level 105 can basically allow you to solo this, just don't let him hit you often and block the Shark teeth barrage gun move whenever he laughs.
  • Sometimes having a bari bari user can make the difference. I am a bari user myself, and when I fight Arlong with my friends, I find myself being the "Guardian angel" of some sorts. The barrier wall can deflect the barrage gun move, if someone is hurt. you can bubble them and let them heal without being hurt, the trap move can trap Arlong and let all of your logia users go H A M.
  • If you have 3 or more players boss hunting Arlong, Dedicate 1 player to Attacking Arlong. (If you have 4 you can have two attacking Arlong btw) The rest of the player should focus on helping block the Shark teeth barrage gun, which is possible. I have done it myself.
  • Some of the worst Logias you could have are the Logias that do corrosive (Burn) dmg. I do believe Magma, Fire (?) and Ice do dmg over time. I have never seen fire do damage over time. Only ice and magma. The reason why you should avoid using lots of these moves is because Arlong will ALWAYS be focused on you. Due to the fact that burn damage goes through the games code as a normal melee hit. Meaning Arlong will focus on the logia user. If you don't want to be absolutely abused for being a logia user, I recommend keeping pressure on arlong and making sure that he doesn't reach the Logia user. When he laughs you can also exit the room and wait 5 seconds and go back for the shark teeth barrage will not hit you.
Spawn time Drops Drop chance
1 year shark tooth 0.01%

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