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Ittoryu, or 1 Sword Style is a Fighting Style that consists of powerful, versatile techniques unleashed by a single blade. This style is based on combos and can be used for grinding and PVP. It takes a heavy toll on stamina but can dish out a lot of damage if your sword is great.

This style is generally used without a devil fruit, most people abandon it if they get one.


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  • The Style has a heavy focus on combos. Making use of them can give a large advantage in PVP.
  • Great potential for high damage.
  • Powerful AoE guardbreak.
  • Beautiful Busoshoku Haki effect.
  • Greater blocking ability.


  • Lacks movement abilities like Geppo or Sky Walk. The only one you can use for going to high or semi-distant places is the Shishi Sonson.
  • The style greatly taxes stamina. Does not last in a long battle unless the Stamina stat is focused on, and if you can predict when they're going to unblock, sine most moves can be blocked.
  • The last skill requires 200 skill points to obtain.
  • Has only one guard breaking move.
  • The Style's damage is weak if it doesn't use a powerful sword. The Seabeast Katana deals 11 Base Damage while the Katana deals only 5.
  • It's Utimate is it's only guardbreak


Keybind Move Cost






E Sanjuroku Pound Ho (36 Pound Phoenix) 20 0 Peli 0 Mastery The user slashes their sword to create a swirl of compressed air that has decent range and cooldown time. Most commonly used for sniping NPCs from afar.
R Rapid Slashes 27 (87 if held) 750 Peli 15 Mastery The user slashes their sword many times, this move uses more stamina depending on how long it's held for. It can deal up to 27 slashes, the last having a slight increase in damage. It takes a long time to start.
Z Raging Serpent 42 (294 if held) 1999 Peli 45 Mastery The user expands their consciousness and when released, attacks everything inside the field in an instant. Can be held to increase the field's size.
X Ittoryu Iai: Shishi Sonson 85 9876 80 The user moves at hypersonic speed to where the camera is pointing. If anybody is in the way, they will get slashed, dealing tons of damage. Decent movement skill.
C Hiryu: Kaen (Dragon Blaze) 125 12345 200 The user creates a dragon made from energy which will plummet down onto wherever the user aims, creating a crater where the impact was. This move can be used to chop down trees, also burning damage.


  • This fighting style is good for grinding and pvp. Keep an eye on your stamina though. The rapid slashes is extremely useful in farming, and the 1SS is a great replacement if you don't have a good fruit.
  • One-Sword Style can not be used alongside a fighting style as it counts as one itself.
  • Your first Katana can be bought for  999 on the same island One-Sword Style can be found, which is required to unlock the 1ss (Roca Island).